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Katherine Moore APRN, CNP
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Direct Primary Care


Direct primary care is a way of offering innovative primary care services utilizing a monthly membership fee.  This membership is focused on your care.  By cutting out insurance companies, you are able to have a more personal relationship with your provider.  Patients have access to unlimited office visits, timely access to your provider via text, cell phone calls, emails or even a very user friendly telehelth app.

Wellness Support at Your Fingertips


As part of our membership, you gain access to our online medical support app.  This gives you the freedom to reach out directly to your provider via text, phone call, email or even via video chat.  Have a question or concern about your health?  Your wellness support is at your fingertips.

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Individualized Care


At Moore Family Practice, we want to have a relationship with all of our patients.  We offer a more holistic approach to those interested in essential oils, diet and exercise or other alternative forms of treatment.  In addition, we offer in home visits for those unable to see us at the clinic.  Care is tailored to your individual and family needs.

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