Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is direct primary care membership like insurance coverage?

 A: No. There is no insurance and no indemnity protection provided with this membership program. Direct care membership may be paired with a high-deductible insurance plan, however, there is no guarantee that your membership fee will be applied toward your deductible by the insurance company. 

Q: Must a direct primary care member also have health insurance?

 A: No. Moore Family Practice is open to all, with or without insurance. Note that a membership does not remove you from liability under the Affordable Care Act to buy health insurance. 

Q: What about hospital costs?

 A: Our membership can be the perfect complement to a hospital/major medical insurance plan. However, your membership does not include hospital or specialist medical care. 

Q: How is my medical care paid for?

 A: All primary care and preventive medical care received from Moore Family Practice is paid for through this membership program. 

Q: What services are available through the membership?

 A: Members receive a comprehensive annual medical exam and access to same day/next day appointments for the entire range of primary care medical services offered by the Clinic. 

Q: What if I have a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure?

 A: Katherine Moore, APRN, CNP has received training in Family health.  She also partners with Dr. Birdwell, a board certified in Internal Medicine Physician. Members receive a comprehensive annual medical exam and clinical follow-ups as medically necessary for diabetes, hypertension, COPD and other chronic conditions, as well as minor illnesses that may occur from time to time. 


Q: Do you offer vaccinations?

 A: Unfortunately, we do not at this time.  However, vaccinations are available at our local health department.. 

Q: What about work-related injuries and occupational health care?

 A: We continues to provide outstanding, personalized Workers Compensation care. Click to read available Employer Services

Q: Why Direct Primary Care?

 A: Because I wanted a provider who I could see when I needed them.  Because I wanted somebody I could text real quick when I had a question.  Because I wanted to avoid spending $100 at urgent care when my pediatrician didn't have any openings for the next week.  Because I didn't want to wait an hour to see a provider and only get 5 minutes with them.  The list goes on, but it all comes down to this: I want to be a provider that is available whenever you need them.  If you are looking for the same provider, then you have found them.

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